I’m somewhat of a pessimist, that’s for sure.  Yet I work hard to enjoy life, or at least the parts of it I find to be possible to enjoy to start with.  But there are some people who are just happy all of the time.  How is that possible?  Even I have ever reason to be happy for personal reasons, there are still worlds of injustice out there that I should be working to help alleviate.  How can one be truly and fully happy in the face of that?  Eugene V. Debs said that if one person was left in prison, he was imprisoned too and that’s also why I can’t be fully happy, as fantastic as my life does get.  Now there’s a new movie about someone who is that happy and it’s ready on DVD now!

Starting this March 10th, now available on DVD from Miramax Films and Summit Entertainment comes a story about a woman who will always find the bright side of life, no matter what it takes.  Happy-Go-Lucky is ready to leap out of your television screen and bring a captivating tale of contagious joy into your living room.  Bring home this moving film today!

In this new movie from acclaimed writer and director Mike Leigh, we meet Poppy, a young and attractive British schoolteacher who lives with her best friend and likes enjoying her life.  More than that, she is one of the most joyous and upbeat people you could ever possibly meet.  Everything has an upside and everything makes her happy.  Then two things happen to challenge that perspective.  First is a child hurting others in Poppy’s class who ends up being abused at home.  Then Poppy decides to take driving lessons from one of the angriest, most racist and conspiratorial men she has ever met.  Will Poppy be able to remain upbeat through all of this?  This movie stars Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan and Alexis Zegerman.

The special features included in this DVD are a look at the making of this film with a special emphasis on how they shot the scenes in that small car, a featurette about getting and staying in character for the two main actors and an optional audio commentary from director Mike Leigh.

When I was watching this movie, I was not particularly impressed.  Yet even within a half hour of finishing it, the film had already begun to grow on me.  It is a sublimely funny story about someone so rapturously in love with life.  It is a transcendent tale which builds upon itself until we feel that we know and love this cheerful teacher who wears the most impractical shoes simply because she likes how they look.  Sally Hawkins was beyond fantastic in this movie as Poppy and will continue her rise in sensitive independent movies.  Yet the real shining star of this movie was Eddie Marsan as Poppy’s driving instructor.  He is controlling and misogynistic and racist and anti-Zionist and anti-government and so many other zany things, yet we still like him, or at least enjoy watching him.  All in all, it’s a great movie and one certainly worth watching.

This film isn’t Lucky, it’s all talent.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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