I always get lots of negativity from people when I talk bad about Hannah Montana.  I realize that many adore her, but I think she’s one of the causes for dumbing down that’s happening to children.  If something is very popular, it’s usually because it appeals to the lowest common denominator and that can be shockingly low here in America.  Herd mentality states that, on a large scale, people won’t embrace things that challenge them.  Without challenge, there is no growth.  Of course, I grew up on Transformers and the Power Rangers, so maybe I’m a little quick to write off this show.  But now this movie is ready for you in high definition!

Starting this August 18th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the movie event that pre-teen girls have been waiting for years to finally materialize.  Hannah Montana – The Movie – Blu-ray Disc is ready to saunter right out of your television screen and fill your living room with safe stories about music, love and finding the right place for yourself in this world.  Bring home this Disney owned story today!

Hannah Montana is a world-wide musical star and the alter-ego of mild mannered Miley Stewart.  She tours the world and is adored by millions.  But when the fame goes to her head, her father decides that the tours are cancelled and Hannah won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  He takes Miley down to their family farm in Tennessee where she is just another ordinary person.  Trading the high heels and slutty clothes for wholesome blue jeans leaves Miley thinking that she just might give up the all-star life.  What will she choose?  This movie stars Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Melora Hardin, Vanessa Williams, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift and was directed by Peter Chelsom.

This three disc set is more than loaded down with special features.  There is a Blu-ray disc covered in bonus materials, a DVD of the movie and a digital copy for your portable media player.  There is a featurette about doing some of the dances, a tutorial which will help you to learn the moves to some of the dances, seven different music videos, a bunch of bloopers, a selection of deleted scenes, an optional audio commentary from director Peter Chelsom, a look at the hometowns of different actors from the actors themselves and a look behind the scenes with Jason Earles.

Adult authority figures, I realize that it’s exceedingly hard to find quality entertainment that isn’t objectionable for your children.  I don’t have to worry about that, but it certainly must be difficult.  Yet, I would like to stress that what entertains our children also educates them and so media should be chosen heavily in that light.  Yes, there are important lessons to be learned from this movie and I’m certainly not saying that this movie will make someone dumb.  Many people are already big fans of Miley and they will love this movie, no doubt about it.  But for those of you who have yet to join the cult of Cyrus but are tempted to because of the popularity of this movie – just don’t give in.

If you’re already a fan, you have no choice but to pick up this Movie.

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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