I’m a little mystified when it comes to our constant attraction to medical themed television shows.  None of us are doctors, but I suppose that might do something to explain how we are drawn to them.  Doctors are all smart and deal with dying people and work in a place that stinks like old people and sterility.  Throw in some sex and great personal stories and you have a show people can’t look away from.  Now the fifth season of that particular show is ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this September 15th, now available on DVD from ABC Studios and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the fifth season of one of the most beloved shows about doctors and nurses hooking up inside of a hospital in Seattle.  Grey’s Anatomy – Complete Fifth Season – More Moments is ready to come splashing out of your television screen and fill your living room with bizarre love triangles, immense personal problems and a whole lot of medical talk.  Bring home the entire fifth season on DVD today!

Seattle Grace Hospital is back with a fifth season of random hookups, medical issues and all the other truly bizarre things that seem to pop up around that medical campus.  Some people get together, some relationships start and seem serious, some relationships end and some more violently than others.  Some people die, while others get a second chance at life.  It’s all too much decadent fun to give away more than that, but bring it home today and love yourself just little bit more.

The special features included in this DVD are a look at some previously unaired scenes, some pretty funny outtakes, a look behind the scenes at the 100th episode, a great extended episode and an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan about the popularity of his character.

My sister is enraptured by this show.  She has seen every episode and never ever misses a single new one.  Of course, she’s a nurse and she’s a girl, so her attraction to the show makes sense.  On the other side, I have never truly been fan of this show, although I am more than a fan of Katherine Heigl.  She’s just about the only reason I have ever watched this show.  I more than understand why people love this show.  It is a very personally involving show that revolves around incredible amounts of personal drama.  That’s what really sets this apart from other hospital shows.  It’s not so much about the medicine and some episodes the doctor parts of the characters are given little more than a token amount of attention.  Bring it home today and you will enjoy this show immensely.

No need to be Grey, bring this home on DVD today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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