Did you know that there are both sororities and fraternities designed specifically for membership by Evangelical Christians?  How strange is that?  It’s like having a McDonalds built specifically for billionaires from Upper East Side Manhattan.  Oh sure, they say that frats are really all about brotherhood and creating connections which will last a lifetime.  But that’s like saying trying to meet girls at a party is all about broadening your horizons, when we all know it’s about getting some random strange on the sly.  Now the third season of the fantastic show about the Greek system is ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this August 18th, now available on DVD from ABC Family and ABC Studios comes the third season of a show that explores the experiences and other parts of life that come along with being a part of the college Greek system.  Greek – Chapter Three is ready to come sprinting out of your television screen and show you all sorts of amazing things that you wish you had experienced for yourself.  Bring home this fantastic television adventure today!

Your favorite students from Cyprus-Rhodes University are back for another season of fun and conflict.  Cappie and Rebecca look like they’re on the outs, but for how long?  Casey starts dating again, but will it end when her boyfriend gets accepted at Caltech?  Rusty is almost a brother at the frat, but he’s still lonely and just might revisit a past relationship.  Plus there are problems within the frats and the sororities and it looks like a lot of things are on the verge of ending.  See everything that happens in this exciting third season today!

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a collection of audio commentaries from the cast and crew, a selection of hilarious bloopers and 20 Questions with the cast of this show.

Here are four reasons that I love to watch this show – Casey, Rebecca, Frannie and Ashley.  Those four are wonderfully attractive even though Casey is played by the daughter of Kelsey Grammer, which weirds me out a little bit.  Of course, humor is another great component of this show, the two funniest characters being Cappie and Dale.  Dale is my favorite character in this show.  Rusty is the true protagonist and the person we are all meant to best relate to, but he can be a little bit of a whiner and he and I are just too dissimilar.  I do think that the writers of this show are some of the best out there.  It’s not because of the plot, because that’s pretty much common fare and just about normal college drama stuff.  But all of the references are great, both for the references to other ABC shows and also to things as disparate as Evangelical culture, modern science and pop culture.  Bring home this fantastic show today!

Take the pledge for Greek today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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