My college experience was overwhelmingly lame.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Yeah, once I stole a huge box of old golf balls and we spent the night trying to hit them through the windows of the dining hall.  And I suppose there were the times we would break into the kitchen and make pizzas.  Then there was the time we didn’t clean our apartment for a whole semester.  That was more disgusting than fun, but still, college could be a little exciting every now and again.  But the real college world?  The one where there are parties every night and rampant cheating and there is sex dripping from the ceilings and everyone is smashed all the time – I know very little about a life like that.  It is completely foreign to me.  Now there is a new show out on DVD which examines the softer side of that life.

Starting this March 18th, now available on DVD from ABC Family Channel and Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment, is the hilariously wonderful first season of their hit show, Greek – Chapter One.  Bring home this delightful look into the Greek college system life today!

Greek is the story of the fraternities and sororities on the campus of Cyprus-Rhodes University.  That’s where Casey, the #2 at the Zeta Beta Zeta house, is dating Evan, the president of his frat.  But when her nerdy brother, Rusty, decides to go to school there and Evan cheats on her, things get a little crazy.  Throw Cappy, Casey’s first boyfriend and Rusty’s frat president, into the mix and it’s a wonderful mess.  Things only get more interesting from there on out.

The special features on this boxed set collection of the first season include a short look at three deleted scenes which weren’t used in the original episodes, optional audio commentaries on the episodes, a sneak peek at Chapter Two, a featurette about making the series, and an extended musical performance by the band, Darwin Lied.  I was also able to find one Easter egg on the final disc, a look at the character of the red cup everyone is always drinking beer out of.  It wasn’t funny at all.  Worst.  Easter egg.  Ever.

Greek is surprisingly edgy for a show on ABC Family.  When I started watching this show, I thought that it would probably be a little lame, some poor kid’s version of One Tree Hill.  But I was consistently and joyously surprised.  The characters have depth, they struggle with real issues, and it’s a hilarious show.  When I saw that the actors they had recruited for this show came from soap operas, direct-to-video Bring It On sequels, and even lonelygirl15, I was skeptical.  But this show won me over with its heart and warmth.  I’m sure it will do the same to you.

Once you start to watch and enjoy this show, it won’t be Greek to you.

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