Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition)

I don’t dance.  That’s just a fact.  It’s not a question of will, but instead one of ability.  Sad, I know, but hey, that’s life.  Some people dance and some people ride bikes and watch movies instead of dancing.  I fall into the latter category.  But, there’s a new edition of a movie out which is about both dancing and singing, something else I do only very rarely.

Starting this September 23rd, now available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment comes the remastered and best version of everyone’s favorite musical about the greasers and all those popular kids.  Grease is ready to burst into your living room with a bevy of iconic musical numbers and a feeling of slightly forbidden love.  Bring home this modern classic today!

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta star in this classic musical about falling in love across social and cultural lines.  This special edition is completely remastered and redone, just the way it first rolled into theaters and the first time it rolled into your heart.

The special features included in this special edition are a limited edition letterman jacket to keep your DVD warm, a sing-along for you and your favorite songs from the film, 11 deleted or extended scenes, a featurette about the launch party for the 25th anniversary edition, memories of the film from Olivia and John, a look at the dance moves in the film and so much more.

For whatever reason, I always think of this movie as a lame version of The Outsiders without enough killing and no “Stay gold, Ponyboy.”  I don’t really like musicals, although I must admit that I do find Olivia Newton-John to be very attractive in this movie.  I find it so strange that John Travolta went on to become a respected actor after starring in this film and Saturday Night Live.  I am not attracted to this movie, nor do I particularly enjoy watching it myself.  However, lots of people do, so I am willing to admit that there are parts of this movie which are good but I simply do not get.

With this Grease, the good times won’t slip away.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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