I don’t really read scary books.  I’ve read a couple of Stephen King novels, but those were more strange, science fiction ones than his frightening novels.  Nonetheless, they could be classified as scary.  When I was a kid, I didn’t read any, but a lot of my friends did because playground horror was king in the mid to late nineties.  It was all due to R.L. Stein and his million books that every school library seemed to have.  Then it was on television and now it’s ready on DVD right now!

Starting this March 31st, now available on DVD from Scholastic and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a selection of creepy and frightening episodes from one of the pivotal scary children’s series of my formative years.  Goosebumps – The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight is ready to squirm right out of your television screen and transport your whole living room into a much scary place.  Bring home this deliciously retro collection of cheesy episodes today!

This DVD contains three episodes.  In “The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight,” Jodie and Mark go out to their grandparent’s farm which is full of scarecrows.  The only problem is that they all seem to be alive and to be dedicated to killing Jodie and Mark.  In “Don’t Go To Sleep,” Mark hates the way his family is and wishes it were different.  Then he takes a nap and when he wakes up, stuff is different but in one of the scariest ways he could ever imagine.  In “Calling All Creeps,” Ricky Beamer keeps getting the shaft from the mean hot girl in his class.  He puts a classified ad out for some creeps to go and get her, but the creeps that turn up are nothing like he ever imagined really existed.  These three episodes come together to make one scary good collection of classic cheesy horror.
This DVD doesn’t have any special features?  I was just as shocked.  Out of all the television series I watched religiously as a child, this one comes in second in terms of just how much I remember from it (the original Star Trek series comes in far above anything else).  You would think that such an impactful series would have at least a couple of bonus features.  Alas, there are none.

Why would someone not want to have this on DVD?  It would be a great conversation starter, which is the reason I gave my brother some of them for Christmas.  In a moment of supreme irony, he actually asked for them, although he forgot and ended up being confused when he opened that particular present.  It’s a great thing to pop in the DVD player if you want to scare some kids or have some hilarious kitschy fun.  Finally, there is the nostalgia factor and you know you watched at least the scarecrow episode and were a little afraid scarecrows and farm fields ever since.  I know I certainly was and I used to live next to a field.  It was rough, but then I moved.  So go ahead and pick this up on DVD, you won’t regret it.

Your clock won’t have to chime Midnight for you to know that it’s time to get this DVD.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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