A Night in Terror Tower

I read a couple of R.L. Stein’s books when I was younger.  I must have found them in the lost and found bin somewhere, because I wasn’t allowed to check them out at the library and my school was too Christian Fundamentalist to allow evil books like that into their own library.  I don’t remember the title of the book I read, but it had an orange cover and might or might not have had something to do with pumpkins.  Regardless, there is now a new chance for you and your kids to experience the show based on those books.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Scholastic and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a selection of scary stories that were groundbreaking in their time.  Goosebumps –A Night In Terror Tower is ready to burst into your living room and scare the living daylights right out of you.  Bring home this legendary childhood horror series today!

This DVD is made up of two episodes which are two parts each – “A Night In Terror Tower” and “Stay Out Of The Basement.”  In “A Night In Terror Tower”, Sue and Eddie are tourists over in England.  When they travel to London, they decide to tour Terror Tower, a real-life torture chamber and medieval prison.  But stuff gets crazy and they find themselves back in the fifteenth century and they must escape.  In “Stay Out Of The Basement”, Margaret’s dad is growing stranger and stranger with all the time he spends downstairs with his plants.  Once her mom leaves and Margaret and her brother enter into the basement, it’s killer plants that are out to get them!

Regrettably, this DVD does not contain any special features.  These childhood staples would certainly be much improved if we had a deeper look into any of them.

These special effects are so hilarious!  The episode that takes place in the tower is actually somewhat scary, but the plant one?  Come on, R.L.  That’s what killed people in The Ruins and The Happening and it wasn’t scary in either of those.  Whenever I watch these shows, I always hope that one of these scared little kids grew up to be someone like Zoey Deschanel or Joshua Jackson, but they always end up being nobodies who went nowhere.  Parents, some of these episodes can be genuinely frightening for younger children, so please keep that in mind.  Other than that, this is some good frightening fun for all!

Give yourself Goosebumps once again.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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