One Day at Horrorland

I could not believe it when this DVD showed up on my doorstep.  I had no clue it was coming and it was such a rush of nostalgia and early mornings eating dry cereal on the flowered couch downstairs in front of the television.  Now there is a chance for you to wallow in your own nostalgia or discover this series for the first time.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Scholastic and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a selection of scary stories that were groundbreaking in their time.  Goosebumps – One Day At HorrorLand is ready to burst into your living room and scare the living daylights right out of you.  Bring home this legendary childhood horror series today!

This DVD is made up of two separate two part episodes, “One Day At HorrorLand” and “Welcome To Camp Nightmare.”  In “One Day At HorrorLand”, the Morris family is trying to get to Zoo Gardens Theme Park but become completely lost.  They aren’t even on a road anymore.  While trying to find it, they come across HorrorLand, a horror themed amusement park that has barely any humans in it and freaky looking creatures all over the place.  But it turns out that the creatures aren’t wearing disguises and it just get’s crazy from there.  In “Welcome To Camp Nightmare”, Billy goes off to summer camp, something he has dreamed of doing forever.   It turns out that the food is terrible and the camp counselors are totally strange.  Not only that, but the campers keep disappearing.  When Billy finally finds out why, he wishes he wouldn’t have.

Regrettably, this DVD does not contain any special features.  These childhood staples would certainly be much improved if we had a deeper look into any of them.

I guess I never realized just how cheesy and campy these crazy shows were when I was a kid.  Honestly, I was freaked out a little bit back in my day from these television shows.  I actually saw the HorrorLand episode as a child and still remember it, so it must have made an impact of sorts.  There were some great one liners, including one about a monster serving “Ear of Holyfield.”  That’s priceless humor that never gets old.  These shows aren’t as scary now, but they could be a little intense for younger kids.  The best thing about these shows is that they would serve as a gateway drug for the books which could then get kids interested in reading in general.  If your kids are up for some scary stories, this is the most kid-friendly stuff out there you are going to find.

Give yourself Goosebumps once again.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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