Monster Blood

I completely enjoyed watching this television show back when I was younger.  It would be on sometime Saturday morning on Fox Kids (Fox Kids Rox Kids!).  My mom never let me watch the show, so I would have to sneak it and then flip over to some Jack Hanna whenever she came downstairs.  Some of them were scary, particularly the ones about psycho scarecrows who come to life and kill children.  We lived in the country.  Next to a cornfield.  Now there’s a chance for your children to pick up lifetime fears which will stick with them for longer than they should.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Scholastic and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a selection of scary stories that were groundbreaking in their time.  Goosebumps – Monster Blood is ready to burst into your living room and scare the living daylights right out of you.  Bring home this legendary childhood horror series today!

This DVD consists of four episodes – “Monster Blood I”, “More Monster Blood”, “How To Kill A Monster”, and “The Girl Who Cried Monster.”  In “Monster Blood I”, Evan is stuck visiting his weird aunt, Kathryn, and so takes to exploring her house to cure his boredom.  He stumbles across a dusty can of Monster Blood, but when he lets it out, it starts taking over things.  In “More Monster Blood”, Evan thinks he is finally free of all that terrible Monster Blood.  Yet on the flight back to his parents, Evan sees some on the plane and it starts all over again.  In “How To Kill A Monster”, Clark and Gretchen are visiting their flighty grandparents and are exploring their old house.  But Grandma and Grandpa forgot to let them know that there’s a monster locked upstairs.  In “The Girl Who Cried Monster”, we are treated to a wonderfully retelling of the boy who cried wolf.  Lucy keeps telling monster stories, but then she sees a real monster, Mr. Mortman the librarian.  The worst part is that her parents just invited him to dinner!

Regrettably, this DVD does not contain any special features.  These childhood staples would certainly be much improved if we had a deeper look into any of them.

I enjoy all four of these episodes.  The CGI is so painfully bad that it’s nothing short of hilarious.  R.L. Stein is a genius when it comes to the stories he writes.  How he could possibly come up with that many ideas for scary books for kids is simply beyond me.  They really do get at some root issues which scare kids and they are memorable for that ability.  These shows are a little scarier than younger kids might be able to handle, so keep that in mind when deciding to get these DVDs.  If your kids are up for a scary good time, invest in these shows.

Give yourself Goosebumps once again.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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