I don’t understand the urban scene that about half the kids in America seem to be aspiring to. I seem to trend more towards the indie scene, the other major cultural alternative. All the posturing and machismo, the deification of certain aspects of life, all the cultural references I completely fail to understand. At times, it’s like watching a black Frasier. Among all the major outposts of this urban movement, and I’m sure everyone in this show would disagree with this assessment of the show, one of the great flagships is the television show Girlfriends.

Starting this February 12th, proudly presented by CBS DVD and Paramount Television, Girlfriends – The Third Season is now available in a DVD boxed set. Pick up this television show today!

Girlfriends is a show about four women living in Los Angeles. There’s William the obligatory male character, Joan the driven lawyer, Maya her law assistant, their roommate Lynn, and her best friend Toni. They have relationships fall apart and start all over again, they talk about their lives and their problems, and they say things which the laugh track would have us believe are humorous.

The special features in this DVD boxed set presentation of the third season of Girlfriends consists wholly of two featurettes, one about the clothing which is worn in the show and why those specific fashions are chosen, and the other featurette about the wedding which occurs on the show.

This show presents a view of urban culture with the women being the empowered ones. William is a weak and inconsequential character, willing to be anything to anyone – in essence, a male video girl. These four women can do anything and are powerful in their lives. It is, quite simply, a macho female culture. Sex and the City was about four vapid women struggling with sex and their lives. Girlfriends is a meaner and leaner Sex and the City.

It’s better to spend the night alone than with these Girlfriends.

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