I had a bunch of G.I. Joe toys when I was younger.  Vehicles, dolls, fortresses, guns that actually shot missiles, all sorts of great things like that.  They would fight epic battles against each other constantly, some of them lasting for days on end.  There were never any surrenders and rarely more than three survivors.  At times there were winter battles, facilitated by the liberal use of flour for snow and ketchup for blood.  Now you can have the chance to watch the show based off of these action figures on DVD for the first time ever.

Starting this July 21st, now available in a DVD boxed set from Shout Factory and Hasbro, Inc. comes the first season of the brave struggle against the pervasive terrorism of the COBRA organization.  G.I. Joe – Season 1.1 is ready to blast right out of your television screen and fill your living room with stories of great evil and corresponding heroism.  Bring home this delightful classic animated television show today!

The free world is in danger.  There is a powerful and well-funded organization out there looking to take over the whole world and subject it to a cruel and merciless rule.  That’s the goal of COBRA, consisting of Major Blood, the Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Storm Shadow and countless minions.  But it’s the goal of G.I. Joe to keep that from happening.  They are a crack group of commandos who are the best the world has to offer.  They consist of Snake Eyes, Duke, Scarlett and many other specialists.  Bring home their classic adventures as they fight against the MASS Device, Cobra’s revenge and the pyramid of darkness.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a look back at the series with writer Ron Friedman, original commercials for the action figures from Hasbro, PSAs from the cast of the show, the original presentation of the action figures at the Toy Fair in 1963 and a printable script from the episode “Jungle Trap.”

This show is fantastic.  COBRA is such a fantastic villain and Cobra Commander is one of the best evil guys of all time.  I’ve always thought that Scarlett was really hot for a cartoon character, but that’s because of the red hair and the southern accent.  That’s great no matter where it is.  The animation is cheesy and classic and that’s so much of the fun.  If you grew up watching this show, getting this boxed set is totally worth it.  But, even more than that, it’s great because all the members of G.I. Joe, and Duke especially, are nothing but heroes through and through.  It’s refreshing to see such great black and white definitions some times, especially when they are this much fun.

You can’t go wrong with G.I. Joe.

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

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