Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a movie is being bad ironically or is just plain bad.  More often than not, that is a really bad sign for the movie.  But with all the meta-references that go on in independent cinema and the overwhelming amounts of irony out there in the ether, sometimes you just can’t tell.  Now a movie that’s like that from the very pretense is ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this September 22nd, now available on DVD from Barnholtz Entertainment, Inc. and North American Motion Pictures comes a movie about, well, a cat that dies and becomes a ghost and tries to help settle some family drama.  Ghost Cat is ready to come creeping out of your television screen fill your living room with a hauntingly strange tale that you just might be able to live without.  Bring it home today for some great laughs.

Natalie and her father have just moved to the country, eager to start a new life after the death of her mother just one year ago.  One of their new neighbors is Mrs. Ashboro and her cat, Margaret.  They are being pressured to sell the house, but it’s all because her nephew Boyd has been embezzling and needs to money fast.  Their other neighbor, Brenda, runs an animal shelter but is being forced out by Riker, a land developer with big plans that don’t include anyone else.  Then Mrs. Ashboro and her cat die on the same night, leaving behind a hidden $50,000 that no one knows where it is.  No one, that is, expect for Margaret’s ghost, who will help Natalie and her friends to find the money, keep the houses, defeat Riker and Boyd and save the day!  This movie stars Ellen Page, Shirley Knight, a cat, Tom Barnett, Lori Hallier and Nigel Bennett.

As far as special features go, this DVD comes in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio and has 2.0 stereo audio.  It also comes with a gallery of stills from the movie and the option of closed captioning.

I realize that, as an actor, you have to put in your dues.  You act in really bad movies while you wait to be noticed and end up in the big feature that will get you set for life.  Also, you need to keep acting so you can get better and also so you can eat in the meantime.  Nonetheless, it’s a little strange to see an actor like Ellen Page in a role like that.  I thought she was outstanding in Hard Candy and never should have needed to take a role in an also ran movie like this again.  However, it’s good to see that she won’t need to any longer.  The entire premise to this movie is ridiculous and it tries so hard to be a little bit spooky while still being approvingly moral and a heartwarming film.  They tried so hard that they ended up being none of these things at all.

This movie never even had a Ghost of a chance.

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