I never understood soap operas. Never. They are underdeveloped characters, completely unbelievable plot lines, and sappy music. Yet they stay on television year after year, growing in popularity and keeping the underachieving satiated. Well, there’s a new one out on DVD.

Starting this February 12th, now available as a DVD boxed set from ABC Television and The SOAP Network, is the much anticipated and heralded General Hospital spin-off, General Hospital Night Shift – Season 1. Pick up the exciting first season on DVD today!

Somewhere along the line, some of the executives associated with General Hospital decided that there show was ripe for a spin-off. They could do it about two of the more beloved characters on the show, Patrick and Robin, the “Scrubs”, and set it in the night shift, to explore more about life in Port Charles. There are a series of events which threaten the lives of patients and doctors alike and also worry hospital administrators that the hospital is ripe for a takeover. The show is billed as “more drama, more sex, more soap, more story.” Maybe they were referring to the second season.

The special features in this boxed set DVD presentation of General Hospital Night Shift – Season 1 consist entirely of one featurette about being on the set of Night Shift. Not surprisingly, there’s no given emphasis on plot, character, writing, or any other noteworthy part of a normal television show.

As with all soaps, this show is marred by poor writing, bizarre and completely unbelievable plot, horrid writing, ill-designed set lighting, and people either over-acting or simply acting terribly. Night Shift far too often plays as a really bad episode of ER. They should either make the part of the show that does end up being about the medicine far more believable, or they should minimize as much as possible. Otherwise, it’s nothing if not far-fetched and wholly unbelievable. The saddest part about this show is seeing Billy Dee Williams as the obligatory wise-cracking and wise janitor. I used to think that 18 Wheels of Justice was the most embarrassing part of his career. SOAPnet, you have surpassed even that.

Night Shift is not worth staying up for.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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