Garfield's Funfest

The one comic strip I read religiously as a child was Jim Davis’s feline masterpiece, Garfield.  John the lonely loser is the perfect owner, Garfield is sickeningly hilarious and Odie is the ultimate loveable goofball.  When Nermal came around, I thought he was an excellent addition.  I’m still on the fence about Arlene, to be quite honest.  Nonetheless, here is a new chance to get to know all your favorite characters again.

Starting this August 5th, now available on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the next hilarious chapter in the life of the world’s funniest cat.  Garfield’s Fun Fest is ready to roar into your living room and bring down the roof with a whole crazy load of funny.  Bring home this delightful new cat-centric comedy today!

It’s a new day in Garfield’s world and the Fun Fest is coming up.  The Fun Fest is an annual talent show which determines what orders the comic strips will run in, Garfield’s always being first.  He and Arlene do a stand-up routine every year and they win every year.  But this year, when he refuses to do a dance with Arlene, she leaves him and starts dancing with the new cat.  He’s a great dancer and Garfield realizes that his routine won’t win this year, so he sets off to a magical land to drink the funny water and become hilarious again.  The water ends up being nothing special, but the journey makes him realize what’s funny again.

There are two special features included in this DVD, both being DVD-ROM games.  The first is “Destination Fun Fest,” which is an adventure game where you try to make it to the Fun Fest.  The second is “Tango Toss,” in which you see how far and how well you can toss someone while doing the tango.

I enjoyed this film a great deal.  The character of Garfield is about as wonderfully caustic as the comic strip, John is a little less of a loser, which is sad, but the whole film is great.  Instead of the normal two dimensional animation I am used to with the other Garfield films, this film consists of a more three dimensional computer animated feeling.  The story was good, the animation was cute and funny, and the lessons learned in this film are ones worth passing on.  For that reason, I completely recommend this film as well worth buying.

This Fun Fest is a complete delight!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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