Bender's Game

I had my own comic strip once.  I was in middle school, if I remember correctly, and got the idea at a random graduation party.  It was called “The Buddha And Hitler Show.”  It was co-hosted by Buddha and Hitler and reveled in obscure references, social commentary and incredibly absurdist humor.  I even posted it online, but it was a little before it’s time, so nothing came of it.  Nonetheless, it’s an idea I still toss around from time to time in my own mind and has certainly lead to a greater appreciation of comics in general.  Now there is a new animated movie out that people are sure to love.

Starting this November 4th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the third of four feature length episodes from the hilarious minds which bring you one of the funniest visions of the future out there.   Bender’s Game is ready to rocket out of your television screen and take you into a future of laughs.  Bring this hilarious film home today!

Bender doesn’t have an imagination and so he can’t enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Not only that, but fuel is at an all-time high due to the evil manipulations of Mom and her dark matter consortium.  The crew figures out a way to make the dark matter no longer a viable fuel and destroy Mom while Bender goes completely off the deep end once his imagination does begin to function.  The two plans intersect once Bender’s imagination becomes so powerful that it draws everyone into another world, one where his D&D adventures are completely real.  Will they be able to escape in time to destroy Mom?

The special features include an optional audio commentary from just about everyone imaginable, a storyboard animatic, a genetics lab, a look at Dungeons and Dragons in this movie, a “how to draw” featurette, some 3-D models, a deleted scene, a blooper reel, a sneak peak at the next movie and a hilarious anti-piracy PSA.

I saw the episode which came before this one and I was far less than impressed.  Yet, for whatever reason, I thought this episode hit an absolute grand slam.  My guess is that I appreciated all of the nerdy references in this one and, even if I have never rolled a dodecahedron for some D&D action, I still liked the focus this film had on that sector of geek life.  In one of the special features, the writers mock the idea of people becoming too info D&D by talking about kids who take the game Chutes & Ladders way too far.  Hilarious!  Bender is still the funniest character in the whole show with the others bringing in the comic gold when necessary.  If you liked the series, you’ll love this film and even if you didn’t like the last one, this is far surpasses it in humor and obscurely referenced scope.

You’ll win with this Game.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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