I think Matt Groening is an incredible guy, based on what he has achieved.  With The Simpsons, he has achieved a status not even thought about by other cartoonists.  He took his crazy drawings and developed them into a hit show which has continued to adapt and outshine the other shows around it.  Now there’s a chance to see some of his other work in a brand new DVD.

Starting this June 24th, now available on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the latest installment of a series from the minds of one of the greatest animators.  Futurama – Beast With A Billion Backs continues the saga of Fry, Bender and the rest of the delivery team.  Bring home and prepare to enjoy this innovate cartoon today!

In this feature length extension of the Futurama series, a rip in space appears.  The Professor and the rest of the gang try to explore it, but Bender is repelled and they must take him to the hospital and abandon the mission.  Fry ends up in a relationship with one girl and four other guys and decides he can’t take it anymore so he must quit the scene and flee the universe.  He floats across the rip and into the next universe where he is captured by a tentacle monster.  In the meantime, Bender joins the league of robots and sets about making a deal with the robot devil so he can kill all humans.  The tentacle monster comes back and takes over the minds of everyone in the universe except for Lila.  Then things get really crazy.

The special features included in this disc are an optional audio commentary from Matt Groening and some of the cast members, a featurette looking into how the movie was made, some interesting easter eggs and a selection of trailers.

This movie was okay, but it was nowhere near as funny as I hoped it would have been.  There were some great jokes, mainly one liners and some truly hilarious characters – Bender being always good for a laugh.  Yet it still disappointed.  It was not that compelling or humorous.  And that’s horrible, because this show has always had boat loads of potential.  Anything can happen and you can take the show in any direction whatsoever.  Maybe Groening somehow lost his touch for this humor in the time after the series was cancelled.

This Beast is a somewhat disappointing creature.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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