Starting this April 22nd, now available on DVD for the first time ever from PorchLight Home Entertainment and Granada International, are two releases from the Funky Valley series.  Funky Valley and Return To Funky Valley are now ready to be brought home and bring some good old barnyard fun with them.

Funky Valley is made up of fourteen wonderful episodes: Dippy Over The Moon, Fergus In The Well, Daphne And The Talking Hay Bale, Nutcracker Hoot, Amadeus The Wolf, Clara And The Egg, Shelly At The Races, Buster And The Sheep In The Sky, Porker’s Chop, Haircut For Fleecie, Stanley’s Christmas Crackers, Horatio And The Angry Apple Tree, and Swallow’s Flying Lesson.  In a short overview, Daphne the duck is mistaken for an alien, a swallow learns to fly, and Hoot the owl hits his head and believes he is now a ballerina.  Return To Funky Valley consists of fourteen charming and hilarious episodes: The Real Angus, Doodle-Doo And The Sleepy Sun, Where’s Keith?, Batty In A Flap, Daphne The Grumpy Duck, Gretrude The Swan, Snap Goes To School, Tinker And The Rainy Day, Percy Peacock Shows Off, Clara’s Café, Fergus And The Treasure, Dippy And The Mud Hole, and Daphne’s Special Friend.  In a rundown of the notables, Snap the crocodile goes to school, Angus the bull is mistaken for a ghost, and the farmyard floods during the nonstop rains.

Funky Valley is the ideal animated series for your preschool children aged from two to five.  Nanny the goat, Dippy the cow, Daphne the duck, Porker the pig, and the rest of the crew will make the perfect crowd of friends.  These crazy animals will bring nothing but fun to your children.

Funky Valley is the perfect place for your children and a wonderful destination they will want to return to over and over again.

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of PorchLight Entertainment, a media production and distribution company which remains dedicated to providing high-quality family friendly media.

Granada International is one the most successful and most sizeable television distributors in Europe.  They specialize in media originating in the United Kingdom.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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