From Russia with Love (James Bond) [Blu-ray]

About a year ago, back when I didn’t have a video game system yet, the only one I would get to play on would be my little brother’s.  My favorite game that he had was the one based off of this movie.  I beat the whole game in one day and I didn’t even use any cheats.  Of course I had seen the movie before playing the game, but watching it afterwards was simply far more fun.  Now there is a chance for you to see it in a whole new format.

Starting this October 21st, now available on Blu-ray for the first time ever from MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the film series which introduced us to the hippest British agent of all time.  From Russia With Love is ready to burst our of your television screen in full high definition and with more special features than any high powered explosion could destroy.  Bring home this monumental cinematic moment today!

This film opens with the death of James Bond.  Only it isn’t the real Bond; Red Grant was simply practicing his killing.  SPECTRE hatches a plan to steal a Lektor device from the Russians and then sell it back to them.  Of course, they’d be able to hurt the SIS while doing this too.  Bond receives notice that a woman in the Soviet embassy in Istanbul wants to defect with a Lektor machine and will only defect to him.  Of course there are traps and Red Grant keeps killing people, but Bond and Tatiana finally escape on a train but Red Grant is closing fast.  Will Bond stay safe?

The special features included in this Blu-ray disc are beyond believable.  It includes 1080p picture, lossless audio and smart menu technology.  There is also an optional audio commentary from director Terence Young and members of cast and crew, an interview with Ian Fleming, a featurette about Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler, another featurette about Ian Fleming, some animated storyboard sequences, an interactive guide into James Bond and this film, an inside view of the movie, a look at one of the film’s producers, an image database, theatrical trailers, television ads and radio spots.

Critics often place this movie on the list of best Bond movies and it’s easy to see why.  Sean Connery was truly settled into his role and there were monstrous evil lairs and gadgets galore.  This is perhaps the penultimate Bond film.  It looks so much better in HD that it’s completely ridiculous.  Not to mention that all of the new special features are simply amazing.  Also, Tatiana Romanaova is the only Russian girl I’ve ever been incredibly attracted to, mainly because most of them look like coked-out strippers and Tatiana was played by Daniela Bianchi, who is Italian.  This film shines in the new format.  Blu-ray was made for Bond.

You’ll Love this new look.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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