I have earlier stated that any series of movies will just get worse and worse as the number of the movies increase.  I still stand by that general assessment, as should anyone who watches movies (want proof – just compare Saw to Saw IV).  Yet there are exceptions – think of Star Trek movies two through four, because the first one was garbage.  Likewise, in the story of Jason Voorhees, with the addition of some new actors, a new focus and some great visual effects, the whole downward slide got turned around.  Bring it home today!

Starting this June 16th, now available on DVD from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes what was originally supposed to be the final part of the story of Jason, the most wicked slasher of all time.  Friday The 13th – The Final Chapter – Deluxe Edition is ready to creep right out of your living room and bring a world of morally bankrupt college students, easy sex, topless young women and so much mindless slaughter into the middle of your living room.  Bring home this fantastic movie today and enjoy this classic whenever you want!

Jason died at the end of the last movie.  Now his body is in the morgue and it’s looking like it might not come back to life, until it does and the carnage starts up all over again.  Jason heads back out towards an area around Crystal Lake.  There is a single parent family with two kids there and a vacation home full of morally lax attractive young students.  The two kids who live there are a beautiful college age girl who ends up meeting a mountain man type who may or may not be hunting Jason, but it doesn’t matter because he dies anyway, and a young boy named Tommy Jarvis who makes special effects masks.  How will Tommy ever be able to stop Jason?  This movie stars Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover, Kimberly Beck, Erich Anderson and Ted White and was directed by Joe Zito.

The special features included in this DVD are nearly overwhelming.  You get an optional audio commentary from director Joe Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen and editor Joel Goodman, an optional audio commentary from fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch, more lost tales from Camp Blood, some deleted scenes, a look at how Jason was finally killed in this movie (something which was meant to be final at that time), an ending to the film which has never been seen before, a look back at the massacres at Crystal Lake, a deeper look at the hilarious dance moves Crispin Glover uses and the original theatrical trailer.

Want to know the best reason to watch this movie?  It has Corey Feldman in it and that is something that sets a movie from the eighties ahead of the pack right out of the gate.  The second best reason to watch this movie is that it stars Crispin Glover doing some sick dance moves and he is nearly as pivotal when it comes to wonderful eighties movies.  This movie was originally designed to kill Jason off for good, but did so well at the box office that they decided not to retire the franchise.  Want to know why it did so well?  Just check it out.

This is one Friday you won’t forget!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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