Psychological terror is a magnificent thing.  Having someone jump out at you and scare you is the cheapest kind of terror.  But to have that pervading sense of fear, that claustrophobic gnawing, that general malaise that only becomes more and more acute – that’s what terror is all about.  There isn’t any resolution, there is only delaying the inevitable.  A movie that can make you feel like that is a great one.  Now you can bring home a movie that touches on those fears through a fantastic ending.

Starting this June 16th, now available on DVD from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the movie that restarted the career of one of the best slashers of all time and took the series in more of a psychological direction.  Friday The 13th – Part V – A New Beginning – Deluxe Edition is ready to creep right out of your television screen and grant you that dream of murder and mayhem and show you some wonderful confusion and even a little bit of psychological drama.  Bring home this great continuation of a series which was thought to have been dead itself.

Jason died at the end of the last movie.  Admittedly, all movie reviews of Jason stories start out this way.  But this time, he seriously died.  We watched him die.  Now Tommy Jarvis is living in yet another half-way home after being shuffled around for most of his life.  Then people begin to die again and it looks like Jason just might be back.  The body count keeps on rising and Tommy sets out to find out exactly what is going on.  But what will he find?  This movie stars Corey Feldman, Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepard, Shavar Ross, Richard Young and Vernon Washington and was directed by Danny Steinmann.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Danny Steinman and the cast and crew, some more lost tales from Camp Blood, another look back at the Crystal Lake massacres, a featurette about the making of this film and restarting this franchise and the original theatrical trailer.

Corey Feldman is, once again, the greatest possible reason that you should watch this movie.  Not to ruin the movie for you (and who hasn’t already seen this entire series from start to finish), but Jason isn’t even in this movie.  It’s just some guy dressed up like it.  And once again, just as in the end of the last movie, we are confronted with the specter of Tommy being truly the psycho killer, the one who ends up catching the evil from Jason.  Although it’s a very good idea, ultimately I am glad that they didn’t stick with this movie idea and that Jason does come back.  If you like the slasher movies, this is another great entry into that category, although the reboot doesn’t end up being as awesome as I think we had all hoped it would be.  Nonetheless, it’s worth picking up and checking out, especially with all the great new special features.

This is one Friday you won’t forget!

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