Racially based comedy is risky business.  Subverting stereotypes is usually funny, but playing upon them is only sometimes funny.  Van Wilder 2 – The Rise of Taj was one film which played their stereotypes by the book and it was wholly without comic note.  Yet the Tyler Perry movies, which I suppose don’t they so much poke fun at as lovingly play around inside of, are greatly successful.  A great deal of the comedies dealing with race seem to deal with racial groups that aren’t white.  Of course, Joe Dirt and My Name Is Earl riff off the white trash side of life, but who pokes a gentle fun at the upper crust, the parts that are actually funny.

That’s the spot where Frasier fits in.  As a character, Frasier was somewhat lame in Cheers.  But in Frasier, he sure found his stride.

The tenth season of Frasier is now available on DVD as a boxed set.  And if you liked the show when it was first broadcast, or if you loved catching it on reruns, you will trip over your soul in joy when you own them on DVD.

Felicity Huffman guest stars in about a quarter of the episodes of this season and ends up getting the whole KACL family into a sexual harassment class.  Lilith tries to get Frasier to have another child with her.  Niles and Daphne finally end up getting married.  Martin runs for condo board president and finds he doesn’t like any aspect of it that much.  Roz trains her replacement at KACL, comes back, and then leaves again.  Frasier is nothing short of comic gold each second he’s on the screen.

Frasier is dry, Frasier is hilarious, Frasier is incurably intellectual.  The jokes are always funny, but when you catch a sly cultural reference, you laugh just that much harder.  But careful there, don’t choke on your brie/pate/caviar/other snobbish food when you’re laughing too hard.

Frasier grows funnier with each season and you’ll feel smarter from the moment you first laugh at the show until you put the discs back in the box.  I guarantee it.

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.


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