I’m occasionally sad that the Soviet Union collapsed.  Yeah, we didn’t understand our enemies back then either, but at least they were a huge bureaucracy, so they weren’t that dangerous.  The greatest part is that we had true enemies, we had the global equivalent of the bigger kid who lives down the block that beat up one of our friends, pushes into our locker at school and tries to cheat off our tests.  Of course, we’re smarter and have more friends and he’s just brutish, but it’s a rivalry made in heaven.  Also, the Soviets just made fantastic movie villains.  Now there’s a movie out with some fantastic West/Soviet interactions.

Starting this October 21st, now available on Blu-ray for the first time ever from MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the film series which introduced us to the hippest British agent of all time.  For Your Eyes Only is ready to burst our of your television screen in full high definition and with more special features than any high powered explosion could destroy.  Bring home this monumental cinematic moment today!

After Bond is nearly killed at his wife’s funeral, he is off to Greece to try and track down a very important tracking system for submarines which had been lost.  Of course, the Soviets are after it, as are some crazed Greek business men with a taste for murder.  Then the KGB really gets involved, but Bond is able to escape.  He recovers the tracking system, but follows it up with maybe the best line of all time as he destroys it.

This disc is loaded down with special features.  It has 1080p, lossless audio and smart menu technology.  It has an optional audio commentary with director John Glen and some cast members, another one with screenwriter Michael Wilson, another with Sir Roger Moore, a selection of deleted scenes and expanded angles, a look at Bond in Greece, a look at Bond in Cortina, a featurette about Neptune’s journey, an interactive guide into the movie, a behind the scenes featurette, animated storyboard sequences, an image database, a Sheena Easton music video, theatrical trailers, television ads and radio spots.

This was a decent Bond movie.  It’s not among the best, but it’s certainly not the worst of all time.  The special features are amazing and it’s worth buying this whole movie just for them.  I wasn’t too impressed with the Bond girl in this movie and that’s always a disappointment.  Nonetheless, this movie shines in HD.  Blu-ray was made for Bond.

Once you lay an Eye on this film, you’ll be hooked.

This Blu-ray title is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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