Flu BirdsIf you thought the giant dodo birds in Roland Emmerich’s failed epic 10,000 B.C. were a special effects blunder, the Sci-Fi channel and First Look Studios have something you need to see… and the title says it all: Flu Birds. In case you have trouble deciphering the plot from this subtle moniker, it’s about giant birds… that spread a flu-like virus when they attack you. Imagine Night of the Living Dead meets Outbreak… minus the celebrity of Outbreak and the cult status of Living Dead… plus giant birds.

Described by one character (Lance Guest as a park ranger and bird expert) as “definitely a condor derivative,” these monstrous computer generated pterodactyl-like avians hit the screen within the first few minutes of the film, attacking a pair of hunters. Soon afterwards, they’ve made it to a remote juvenile detention camp for wayward teens and begun spreading terror… and their wings. As the group of kids seek to make it out of the woods alive, a nearby group of doctors (soon to be joined by Homeland Security, natch) are doing their best to find out just what the heck’s going on. Incredibly, script writers Brian D. Smith and Tony Daniel manage to bring terrorism and bio-engineers into the realm of possibilities as to where these birds came from: in short, it’s all very scientific.

Originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel as Flu Bird Horror, this is 95 minutes of just that. As our heroes flee from one tight spot to the next, it’s hard not to root for the bird monsters. Pinched on all sides by the painfully formulaic plot, the cheesy dialogue and a set of monsters that openly let their low budget natures be known, the actors don’t have much room to breathe, but all things considered, the acting here is painful throughout. Even in the world of nature gone wild horror movies, this one ranks fairly low. It can probably hold its own as a Sci Fi channel special, but as a separate DVD release with no special features, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Zach’s Rating: F
Perfect For: You just can’t wait for the remake of The Birds to be released
Stay Away if: You’d rather watch a zombie eat people than a monster-bird

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