Kung fu movies are one iconic cultural institution I have never gotten into.  Hong Kong cinema first broke unto the scene with the advent of Bruce Lee and the movies which were produced over there and brought across the ocean to America.  Over time, although they still focus on kung fu and other martial arts, the movies began to look at the interaction between the police and gangsters of different sorts.  Those movies allowed actual actors to begin to develop and for directors to hone their craft.  This film is the result of the genre as a whole improving.

Starting this April 22nd, now available on DVD from Genius Products and The Weinstein Company, is the latest in the Dragon Dynasty series of imported films.  From the minds of those who created Kill Zone comes Flash Point.  Bring home this bone-crushing and wholly entertaining two disc collectors edition DVD boxed set action film today.

Flash Point is the story of an overly zealous police detective, his undercover partner and the woman he loves, and a deadly drug gang run by three brothers.  The brothers are slowly edging out the more powerful gangs, and the undercover operative is right in the middle of it.  He is outed and almost killed and another account is made on his life during his recovery.  Things come to a head in a field in one of the most intense last sixteen minutes of any film.

The special features on this two disc collectors edition DVD boxed set include an optional audio commentary on disc one starring director Donnie Yen and cinema expert Bey Logan.  On disc two, there are three featurettes taking a deeper look behind the scenes of the film, two featurettes about ultimate fighters (gladiators and mixed martial arts), a selection of deleted scenes  which were not elected to be a part of the theatrical release of the film, and trailers, teasers, television spots, a look at the gala premier, and an exclusive interview with director and star Donnie Yen.

This film was very impressive.  The characters are fun and interesting, the fights are wonderfully choreographed and fascinating.  Every actor in this movie does a great job, and the end product is one of the best I have seen in this genre.  The special features help to better understand the movie and the whole experience is wholly engrossing.

Flash Point is the most delightful Hong Kong movie I have ever seen.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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