When I heard that Kirk Cameron had a starring role in the movie,’Fireproof,’ I wasn’t sure that I would like it.  The first thing that came to mind was the television series, ‘Growing Pains,’ in which Cameron played the role of teenager, Mike Seaver.  Could he play a serious leading role and make it work?  Could an all volunteer cast and crew make this storyline believable?  When I heard that ‘Fireproof” was considered the number one inspirational movie of the year, my curiosity was kindled.

The movie starts off with Fire Captain, Caleb Holt (Cameron), a man who is respected by his peers and those around him.  He is a dedicated firefighter, who goes the extra mile and has put his life on the line living by the old firefighter adage, ‘never leave your partner.’  There are two sides to Caleb, on the job he is respected by others, at home his life and marriage are in shambles.  Caleb, who is addicted to internet porn, blames his wife for the problems in their marriage.  His wife, Catherine, accuses Caleb of not supporting her and not understanding all the pressure that she is experiencing in her life.  Their marriage crumbles and Catherine files for divorce.

 This is where it gets interesting.  Caleb’s father challenges him to fight for his marriage and commit to a forty day, ‘Love Dare.’  The ‘Love Dare,’ is a forty day challenge to win the one that you love back into your life.  Each day you extend love and kindness, mixed with good deeds, to the person that you hurt.  To please his father, Caleb reluctantly agrees even though he feels that there is no hope.

 Suspicious of her husband’s motives, Catherine spurns every half-hearted attempt he makes.  Caleb’s father and a friend, who is a fellow firefighter, encourages him not to give up the fight despite the odds.  Somewhere along the way, Caleb has a change of heart, and his half-hearted attempts become whole-hearted.  Step by step, little by little, Catherine starts to recognize the change in Caleb. Still plagued with doubts, she keeps him at arms length, refusing to trust and believe what she is seeing.

There were some corny scenes mixed in with bad acting, but overall it was good.  It probably would have been better if they had added some of the deleted scenes that would have been a great addition to the storyline; and in turn, deleted some of the lesser needed ones that were a little on the cheesy side.

Kirk Cameron does a good job playing the role of the conflicted Caleb, struggling to save his marriage.  The message this movie communicates to the viewer is clear, ‘never leave your partner,’ especially in a fire.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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