Women are crazy.  No offense, but this is a safe place and I can say it if I want to.  There’s nothing wrong with being emotional and I’m certainly not saying that men are usually a paragon of exemplary sanity.  But some women just go out way past the deep end and things get complex far too fast.  Now the great and classic tale of one of those women and the deadly consequences that follow are available in a brand new format.

Starting this June 9th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Paramount Pictures comes a story from director Adrian Lyne about just how dangerous a little attraction can become.  Fatal Attraction – Blu-ray Disc is ready to slash it’s way out of your television screen and bring a whole new level of crazy and intense into your living room in brand new high definition.  Bring home this classic dramatic film today!

Daniel is a prosperous and attractive married man living an idyllic life in Manhattan.  The he decides to have a one night stand with Alex Forrest, a woman he met through work.  But when he thinks it should end, Alex disagrees and keeps trying to bring him back.  It gets so bad that Daniel and his wife and daughter have to move.  But Alex follows him, completely insane by now.  She kidnaps the daughter, kills the daughter’s pet rabbit and eventually attacks Daniel’s wife.  How is Daniel going to get himself out of this mess?  This movie stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer and was directed by Adrian Lyne.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are an optional audio commentary from director Adrian Lyne, cast and crew interviews about the making of this film, a featurette about the cultural impact and following that this movie got, a look at the production of this film, some great rehearsal footage, an exciting alternate ending and the original theatrical trailer.

This movie is nothing short of being terrifying and it’s even doubly so in high definition.  We’re all used to seeing Michael Douglas playing morally compromised roles.  That’s his bread and butter and he does it so stunningly well.  And Glenn Close hasn’t always played the most mentally balanced of characters, so this movie isn’t too much of a shock.  Except that it’s completely horrifying.  Having someone this psychotic in your life would be one of the craziest things imaginable.  I want to know just how many men were convinced to not hook up with that one chick that one time just because they had seen this movie.  Every single time I watch this movie, it puts the living fear of God inside of me.  When I was a college senior, there was this freshman who wouldn’t stop calling me or showing up places I was.  That was draining and awful at the same time and it was worlds removed from what this movie is like.  So guys, go out and see this as a cautionary tale.  And ladies, just buy it for your men and they will get the message.  Trust me, it can’t help but being loud and clear.

This movie is Fatal but still so enjoyable.

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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