Barnyards are a place of constant interest for children.  Most of them don’t spend much time down on the farm, so it’s a whole new world.  But what if the animals could talk?  And what if they turned out to be whole lot like all of us?  That is the premise this new show takes and runs with.

Starting this March 18th, now available on DVD from PorchLight Home Entertainment, is the latest release of that hit television show from Down Under, Farm Kids – Chaos In The Country.  Bring all seven episodes of this wonderful animated show home to your children today!

Farm Kids is the story of a bunch of big city petting zoo animals who are unexpectedly transferred to a dude ranch and hilarity ensues.  The animals include Poppit the handy-pig, Carlos the toad, Splat the hick cat, Punky the alpaca, Frizz the African-American sheep, Buster the techie horse, Dumpster the bull, MooLoo the girly-girly cow, Rod the rat and Doogie the dog.  Episode One is “The Fresh Country Air Effect.”  In this episode, Dumpster desperately needs a bath until the Farm Kids are able to find out what exactly it is that is making him smell so bad.  Episode Two is “The K9 Factor.”  In this episode, Doogie and Dumpster compete to see who can be the better dog.  Episode Three is “Face Off.”  In this episode, Drumstick and Buster finally decide to get robots to help running the farm, until the robots go bad.  Episode Four is “Law And Disorder.”  In this episode, MooLoo’s make-up bag is stolen and it’s up to the animals to find the thief.  Episode Five is “The Giant Alien Tomato Attack.”  In this episode, Giant Alien Tomatoes attack the farm and it is hilarious.  Episode Six is “Small Gaseous Planet.”  In this episode, the Giant Alien Tomato attack is continuing, but Dumpster goes on to become an unlikely (and unstable!) superhero.  Episode Seven is “MooLoo’s Big Day.”  In this episode, it is MooLoo’s birthday and no one seems to be noticing.  Or are they?

This seven episode disc does not come with any special features.

Farm Kids is a wonderfully animated show.  In fact, in Australia, where the show is originally from, it has won an award for being the best animated children’s television show.  The animation is crisp and reminiscent of Over The Hedge or Barnyard.  The stories are heartwarming, the characters are hilarious, and it is a great show.

Farm Kids is a delightfully hilarious and educational look at life and animals.

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