I like to learn about the lives of other people, particularly those who live in other places than I do.  Whatever customs they have, what they eat, how they dress, what kinds of books they read, what their music sounds like, all of those things help to contribute to my understanding of what their lives are like.  It’s important to take a look at the lives of others every now and again, just to remember that the way that we do things here in America is just another customer, not necessarily the best way.

Starting this October 7th, now available on DVD from Master Communications and Families Of The World comes a fascinating look at families on one of our closest island* neighbors.  Families Of Costa Rica is ready to burst into your living room with an explosion of Latin flavor and energy and take you on a journey to a different land.  Pick up this adventure today!

This film focuses on two children, one who lives in a rural area and the other in an urban area, and their activities during the day.  Estibaliz is a ten year old girl living in Cabuya, far from the city.  She eats a breakfast of eggs and hot dogs, goes to school and plays in the band.  Once she’s done with school, it’s time for chores!  The next day is all about fun, when she goes to a soccer game and a fun community dance in the evening.  Next, we meet Jose, who lives near the capital of San Jose with his family.  He goes to school, enjoys science class and goes to soccer practice.  Watch as he visits the marketplace with his mother and even eats some sushi!

As far as special features go, there are subtitles in either English or Spanish, but nothing beyond that.

This film is, in a coup for films which aim to inform, both educational and entertaining.  The music we hear is beautiful, the sights are compelling, and we feel that we have befriended both Estibaliz and Jose by the end of the DVD.  This film is a complete success when it comes to teaching about Costa Rica as well.  We learn all about it and not just some stuffy facts either, but the lives of the kid on the street.  I fully recommend this film and the rest of this series.

Take an adventure to Costa Rica today!

The “Families Of The World” series has been shown on PBS and includes such varied countries as Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Vietnam and many more.  It has been awarded many awards within the industry and is always coming out with new additions for the series.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

*Correction – I incorrectly identified Costa Rica as an island as I was watching Bad Boys II when I wrote the review and was thinking about Cuba.

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