I don’t prefer musicals.  Let’s get that out in the open right now.  It’s the unholy marriage of two things I like a great deal – music and film.  It would be like pouring tea over pasta noodles.  Gross.  If I want music, I will listen to it.  And if it is a movie I prefer at that point in time, I will watch one.  But rarely have I looked at a movie and wished that characters would just break into song spontaneously.  Not cool.  Well, there is now another musical out there for you to listen to.  And watch.

Starting this March 18th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Right Coast Media, is the latest movie in the canon of animated Disney musical films.  Yes folks, Enchanted is now available for purchase to watch with your loving family any time you please.  Pick up this delightful new classic for future generations today!

Enchanted is the story of the beautiful Giselle, an animated character living in a fairy tale world.  The prince meets her and they are set to become married, but then the evil queen interferes and expels Giselle into the worst place she can think of – Manhattan.  Once there, she meets up with Patrick Dempsey’s character and begins to doubt in the power of love.  Prince Edward does follow through the wormhole to New York to try and rescue her, but he is hampered by the interference of Nathaniel, the queen’s loyal servant and is too foolish to understand the help which Pip the chipmunk is trying to give him.  But love wins the day in great musical fashion.

The special features on this disc include a selection of deleted scenes which were not chosen for inclusion into the film, a reel of hilarious bloopers, a popup book style adventure about Pip’s Predicament in which Pip the chipmunk must go on a daring adventure through Andalasia to rescue Prince Edward.  There is also a featurette – “Fantasy Comes To Life” – which explored the techniques behind the magic which makes the cartoons what they are.

I’ll be honest.  I thought this movie was going to be a lot worse than it ended up being.  But I was surprised.  The musical numbers were not as tepid and abysmal as they during their presentation at the Oscars.  For once, I though that big musical sequences in a movie actually worked somewhat.  Amy Adams did a wonderful job and completely stole the show as Giselle.  It pains me to admit this, but I did actually think that Patrick Dempsey did a great job as the somewhat bewildered and hopeless divorce lawyer.  Other than that, the movie was nothing to write home about, but still something you might watch if only professional wrestling and RoboCop Three were on television that night.

Enchanted will not bewitch you, but you could probably do worse.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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