As far as I can remember, I have never had any visions or hallucinations.  I don’t believe in ecstatic spirituality nor do I take psychotropic drugs, so I’m sure that certainly helps.  I have had some strange experiences while taking Vicodin and I was knocked unconscious a couple of days ago, but I do not ever have visions.  Some people do and I’m sure they would be very disconcerting and cause major life changes.  Now the second season of a show about a person who does get visions is ready for you to pick up on DVD today!

Starting this August 18th, now available on DVD from ABC Studios comes the second and final season of the show about a lawyer who has visions and takes on strange cases because of what he sees.  Eli Stone – The Complete Second And Final Season is ready to come sweeping out of your television screen and fill your living room with stories of strange dreams and hoping against all hope.  Bring home this second and final season on DVD today!

Eli Stone used to be a successful lawyer on the fast track to even greater and more magnificent things.  Then he started to have visions.  The visions get more and more complex and strange and come to control his life.  They dictate which cases Eli takes and what happens in his personal life.  The only problem is that Eli can’t tell anyone about these visions.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers that his brother Nathan gets these visions as well.  Come along to discover this final season with some great guest appearances by Seal, Katie Holmes and Sigourney Weaver.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a selection of deleted scenes, some pretty funny bloopers from this season, a look at some of the morning rituals on set and a great featurette about the making of one of the epic song and dance numbers.

I’m sorry.  I know this show is supposed to be both funny and moving and provide commentary on some of the important social issues today.  This show, in fact, does take a stab at some provocative issues and that is something I do appreciate.  The only problem is that this show just isn’t that good.  It’s not that funny and it’s not that entertaining and the visions just don’t provide enough grist to keep the show running smoothly.  There isn’t enough character development to push the show forward.  That’s the one thing that sets a good show apart from a normal show.  Out of all the shows which were cancelled by ABC this year, this is one which I was least surprised to see go.  But if you would like to catch this show again, you can get it on DVD today!

You won’t want to be more than a Stone’s throw away.

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