You can’t make good westerns anymore.  It’s a painful truth, but it is also one which is undeniably true.  Clint Eastwood came out with a good one almost twenty years ago, but even the best ones since then have been lacking when compared to the gold standards of ages gone by.  It’s not the writing, it’s not that those dusty skies have been filled with all the stories they can take, it’s not that we aren’t interested in those kinds of tales any longer.  Quite simply, we have no more American cowboys.  There aren’t any more actors who can embody that big, deadly, humorous, wild, and ultimately crass space across the Mississippi.  We had one once and everything he touched was gold.  Now one of his best and funniest is ready for you in a whole new edition.

Starting this May 19th, now available as a special two disc collectors edition from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes this fantastic and hilarious western directed by the legendary Howard Hawks.  El Dorado – Centennial Collection is ready to shoot its way right out of your television screen and bring you a classic view into the heart of the Wild West with hours of special features to boot.  Bring home this fantastic film today!

Cole Thornton is a famous gunslinger who was hired to help one rancher family kill another.  But when he finds out the job might leave him facing the sheriff, an old friend of his, he goes back to refuse the job.  Along the way, he ends up shooting one of the people he was paid to kill and is ambushed in return.  Thornton leaves town and doesn’t come back for a long time.  When he does come back, all the people he loved are being hurt by his mistake so it’s up to him and the sheriff to try and set things right again.  This movie stars John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Charlene Holt, Paul Fix, Arther Hunnicutt, Michele Carey, Ed Asner and Christopher George and was directed and produced by Howard Hawks.

The special features included in this two disc collectors edition are as follows.  On the first disc, you have the movie itself, an optional audio commentary from filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and a second optional audio commentary from film historian Richard Schickel, actor Ed Asner and author Todd McCarthy.  On the second disc, you have a seven part featurette about the making of this movie, a vintage featurette about the artist and the American West, A.C. Lyles speaking about John Wayne, the original theatrical trailer and film galleries of lobby cards and the production of the film itself.

I think this is a fantastic film and is certainly in the top eight that John Wayne ever did.  The Duke is the indisputable king of American cinema because he was, way deep down inside, the way most of us wish we were.  But in this movie, it’s Robert Mitchum who’s the real star and that pleases me because he is one of my favorite actors of his time, just barely being beat out by Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart.  This is a great movie because it deals with the two essentials to a great Western – the corrupt rich and guilt.  Few things are able to both help you visualize and understand the consequences of guilt than a great Western and this film stands among the greatest.  Bring it home today and see exactly what I mean.

Take this trip to El Dorado and discover a treasure you won’t forget.

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