I love a great dystopian film.  Zombie movies are an excellent example.  The world ends or is ending now and people have to adjust.  It’s a great way to take a deeper look at parts of society and examine many of our underlying beliefs.  Not to mention, there is somewhat of a forbidden pleasure in thinking about our world ending.  Now there is a new film which, while not directly about our inevitable foreboding future, certainly features it as an important player.

Starting this July 22nd, now available on DVD from Westlake Entertainment and director Nic Bettauer comes a groundbreaking independent film which has been winning awards in Europe, Brazil and across America.  Duck is ready for you to bring home and watch whenever you see fit.  Introduce your family to this compelling tale of love, survival, and learning how to just get along.

This film stars Philip Baker Hall and can be viewed as a testament to his incredible prowess in the field of acting.  Many scenes are little more than him and a duck and Hall carries them all with great strength.  French Stewart and Bill Brotchtrup also appear in this film.  It’s the story of a man who lives in a 2009 where Jeb Bush is President, there is no VA, no Social Security, no Medicare, no public parks, and everyone is mean and a little bit dirtier than normal.  It is a gently dystopian future.  Hall’s son and wife have died and he is about to kill himself when he sees a duckling running towards him, a duckling who is the only remaining member of his family, and an instant bond is formed.  The duck thinks Hall is his mother and so they take care of each other as they both wander throughout the urban desert of Los Angeles.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Nic Bettauer and actor Philip Baker Hall, interviews with both Philip Baker Hall and Nic Bettauer, biographies of each cast member, desktop theme downloads, the theatrical trailer, a photo gallery from the making of the film and a movie poster.

I do like a somewhat strange independent film and I loved this one.  It is a very original movie and one which was incredibly touching.  Philip Baker Hall completely sells this movie and it is through him that we form such an incredible bond with the duck.  We all learn a little more about what keeps us going and what being alive really means.

Duck, duck, awesome.

This DVD is available at Duckthemovie.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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