Drillbit Taylor (Unrated Extended Survival Edition)

I’m torn when it comes to Judd Apatow.  Some of the movies he’s involved with are absolutely incredible – 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up.  Yet some are simply bad – Walk Hard, Don’t Mess With The Zohan.  Now there is another movie out which falls into the second category.

Starting this July 1st, now available as an extended survival edition from Paramount Pictures is the latest film starring Owen Wilson.  Drillbit Taylor is ready to slum its way onto your home theater screen and try to make you laugh.  Pick up this lovable rogue today.

Owen Wilson made this movie right before he tried to kill himself, so it’s an important piece of cinema in that respect.  Leslie Mann, who is both married to Judd Apatow and is incredibly hot, also appears in the film.  Wilson stars as Drillbit Taylor, a homeless soldier who went AWOL.  Three high school kids are sick of being bullied and so they hire Drillbit to be their bodyguard and teach them to fight.  Drillbit decides that he can milk this opportunity for some extra cash, so he pretends to be a substitute teacher to better protect the kids.  From there, everything goes wrong.

The special features included in the Extended Survival Edition of this DVD are an optional audio commentary from Steven Brill, Kristofor Brown, Troy Gentile, Nate Hartley and David Dorfman, an interview with writers Seth Rogen and Kristofor Brown, 13 deleted and extended scenes, a line-o-rama, a gag reel, an interview with the hilarious Danny McBride and four extended scenes in the movie itself.

I’m afraid Seth Rogen blew all his talent on Superbad.  There were some moments of brilliance in this film, the rap off scene was the highest example of that.  Other than that, it was predictable jokes and sadness, except for Danny McBride, who is the best.  So, in short, the movie could have been a lot better and it was disappointing to see such a promising premise just wasted.

This Drillbit is painfully dull.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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