I loved boxed sets.  Make no doubt about it.  That’s why I’m such a sucker for TV on DVD, because it always comes in a boxed set.  I’ll run to Best Buy because I genuinely need something, but will end up walking out with the next two seasons of a show I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to keep watching.  Plus you get great bonus gifts, like a tie clip or some cute earbuds.  Now there’s a new boxed set coming out and it contains bonus gifts the like of which you aren’t even capable of imagining.

Starting this November 17th, now available in a DVD boxed set from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the ultimate collection from an animated show that has always tried to push the boundaries.  Drawn Together – The Complete Series – Party In Your Box is ready to come stomping out of your television screen and fill your living room with some wholly debauched activities and a whole lot of fun.  Bring home this boxed set today!

What’s there to say?  All of the adventures you have watched this group take through all three seasons are now together in one place.  This boxed set is all for the true fans.  This isn’t something that seeks to expand the flock, only placate those trapped inside.  And if you are a fan, you will eat this up like you can’t even imagine.  Trust me.

The special features included in this boxed set are truly incredible.  All 36 episodes are included and each one is extended and completely uncensored.  There are optional audio commentaries from cast and creators, some great behind the scenes interviews, a karaoke sing-along, the truly funny censored/uncensored game and deleted scenes.  Then there is the Drawn Together Board Game, the Drawn Together Drinking Game and the Drawn Together Truth Or Dare Game.  And it all comes in one box.  That’s just a great deal whether you like the show or not.

Occasionally this show will make me laugh.  Every now and again, they let loose with a gem of a joke and it is great.  The problem is that the gems are so few and far in between and that they are buried in so much trash that they are not worth waiting for.  The idea of a bunch of cartoon characters from different eras living together is a good one and the cartoon selections they make have so much promise.  There’s the Japanese Pokemon rip-off, a Link-type videogame character, a Superman, Spongebob, a Betty Boop, a talking pig, a fairytale princess, and a blaxploitation character.  So much comic ammunition, so much time spent firing blanks.

If you are a fan, this collection with truly Complete your life.

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

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