Offensive is never necessarily funny.  Just because you might be baiting the Pharisees does not mean that you are going to be hilarious.  Some television shows are able to do that quite well.  The Simpsons and South Park are shining example of both offensive material and profoundly humorous material at the same time.  Family Guy is more hit and miss.  But some shows are terrible.  Here is one such show which proves the above maxim to be true.

Starting this May 13th, now available as a special edition collectors’ edition DVD boxed set from Paramount Pictures and Comedy Central DVD is the latest season of cartoon hijinks.  The uncensored third season of Drawn Together is ready to bring home and watch without your children, because this is one cartoon not safe for the younger ones.

Drawn Together is a cartoon show about a bunch of cartoons living in a house together.  It’s a Cartoon Network does Big Brother type of thing.  The characters are all completely clueless and so have predictably stupid adventures.  Captain Hero thinks the Greeks moving in next door are actually a frat and kidnaps their child, Toot eats the entire Weinermobile, the gang gets trapped in their van in a too-tight parking space at the mall, Foxxy Love wakes up in a Hostel spoof.  It’s an uninspiring and unfunny exploration of how bad television can be.

The special features included in this special edition collectors’ edition DVD boxed set are network promos for the show, some karaoke sing alongs of several songs, and also a few optional audio commentaries on several selected episodes.

Occasionally this show will make me laugh.  Every now and again, they let loose with a gem of a joke and it is great.  The problem is that the gems are so few and far in between and that they are buried in so much trash that they are not worth waiting for.  The idea of a bunch of cartoon characters from different eras living together is a good one and the cartoon selections they make have so much promise.  There’s the Japanese Pokemon rip-off, a Link-type videogame character, a Superman, Spongebob, a Betty Boop, a talking pig, a fairytale princess, and a blaxploitation character.  So much comic ammunition, so much time spent firing blanks.

Drawn Together will push you away.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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