I’m not a fan of Japanese manga.  I know, I know, saying that is disrespectful to my nerd background.  There are some anime movies I loved, but it’s nothing that lives in the center of my heart.  I’m not a Gundam, alien, space battle, manga type of nerd – I come from more of the Ben Bova, Kurt Vonnegut, David Foster Wallace school of nerds.  If you happen to like manga, that’s fantastic and I wish you all the best in that.  And if you do, now a movie that you are sure to love is ready for you in high definition today!

Starting this July 28th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Star Overseas and Twentieth Century Home Entertainment comes the story of a young warrior on an epic journey of explosions and great fight sequences.  Dragonball: Evolution – Z Edition – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come flying right out of your television screen and fill your living room with stories of grand battles and great mystical journeys.  Bring home this welcome adventure film today!

Two thousand years ago, the evil master Piccolo attempted to take over the universe using the Dragonballs, but he was defeated.  Now Piccolo is back and one of the few remaining Dragonballs is the property of Goku, an 18 year old boy training in the martial arts.  Now he’s off to find a new master and gathers some new friends who were also training with their own Dragonballs before Piccolo stole them.  Will Goku be able to stop the most evil man of all time?

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a digital copy of this film, a game about Goku’s quest, a look at Goku’s workouts, a music video, a hilarious gag reel, a look at the making of one of the scenes in the film and a look behind the scenes at the making of the movie.

I have never read the manga behind this story.  I also have not ever watched the animated series.  In short, I came into this movie with no groundwork whatsoever as far as what to expect or what it would be all about.  I wasn’t looking to be blown away, because I’ve been excited for movies with a Japanese influence on them before and I’ve always left disappointed.  However, this movie was certainly and totally worth watching.  The story is an exciting one, especially if you already like the franchise to begin with.  The fact that Emmy Rossum is in it certainly isn’t doesn’t detract from anything.  You’ll cheer Goku on in this exciting adventure tale.  Bring it home today!

Get this Dragonball rolling today!

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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