Dragon Heat burns with the fiercest of fires.  This Hong Kong thriller, directed by Daniel Lee, stars actors as famous and versatile as Sammo Hung (Martial Law), Michael Biehn (Grindhouse), and Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard).  This film is flashy and violent, drawing it’s line of blood in the gritty sand.  Shot against the coldly beautiful skyline and slums of Hong Kong, Dragon Heat draws you in and then blinds you in a hail of bullets.

The story centers around a party of five Interpol agents, hot shots, all young and talented.  The are sent from their respective governments and armies to be present at the trial of a Triad crime lord.  But when he is kidnapped by a crack team of specialists, everything goes awry.  After a gruesome slaughter of police in the city, the five Interpol agents, each a specialist in a different field, decide to go after the kidnappers.  The police chief stands in the way and plot twists abound.  So does blood.

This film features all-out gunfights on a caliber seldom seen in a non-war movie.  For 10, sometimes 15, minutes, more lead is spit through the air then has ever been though possible before, each fight getting more and more extreme than the one it followed.  Crisp dialogue, realistic characters, and seas of blood float this movie along to it’s glorious end.

The movie doesn’t end there, as the DVD also contains a “making of” feature, two actor interviews, and a deleted scene as well.  All of these features only make the DVD that more impressive.

Distributed by The Weinstein Company as a part of the Dragon Dynasty films, this movie is available at Amazon.com.

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