Dr. No (James Bond) [Blu-ray]

Sean Connery.  Gorgeous women.  Secret missions.  Gadgets.  Explosions.  Evil henchmen.  It can only mean one thing – James Bond is back.  These movies have defined the imaginations of whole generation of boys across the world.  With its blend of flesh, wit and sleek violence, these films have taken a place in the hearts of all.  Now it’s available in a whole new way even Q couldn’t have anticipated.

Starting this October 21st, now available on Blu-ray for the first time ever from MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the film series which introduced us to the hippest British agent of all time.  Dr. No is ready to burst our of your television screen in full high definition and with more special features than any high powered explosion could destroy.  Bring home this monumental cinematic moment today!

Sean Connery is James Bond, secret agent 007, license to kill.  He is sent down to Jamaica to investigate the killing of a British agent.  He meets up with many locals and finds radiation in some of the rocks on the beach.  He sets off to what locals believe to be a haunted and abandoned island, Crab Key.  While there he meets the diver Honey Ryder and is captured by evil genius Dr. Julius No, possibly the best villain name ever.  Dr. No reveals that he is a part of SPECTRE and is going to kill Bond.  Can the hero possibly escape?

The special features on this Blu-ray are beyond magnificent.  The picture is in 1080p, has lossless audio and smart menu technology.  There is an optional audio commentary with director Terence Young and several cast members, a featurette about the work they did to restore this film, a deeper look into the guns of James Bond, a featurette about the premiere of this movie, an interactive guide into James Bond and Dr. No, a deeper look into the film itself, a featurette about director Terence Young, a featurette about Dr. No and the atmosphere it come out into in 1963, a database of images from the film and production and theatrical trailers, television spots and radio ads for the movie.

This movie has always been one of my favorite of Bond’s adventures, but I was blown away by the Blu-ray.  It is simply magnificent in HD, as nearly everything is.  What I was really impressed with was all the special features.  And seeing Honey Ryder in 1080p was beyond impressive.  In short, this is one of the best Bond movies every made and it shines in this format.  Blu-ray was made for Bond.

You won’t be able to say No to this.

This Blu-ray title is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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