Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts [Blu-ray]

I like animals.  I like animals so much that I have gone through different periods of my life without eating them.  But as cool as animals are, which is pretty cool, they would be so much cooler if they could understand what I was saying to them and were able to talk back to me.  Now there’s a movie about just that scenario and you can watch it right now in a brand new format!

Starting this May 19th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Davis Entertainment Company and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the next chapter in the story of that family that discovers they can speak to animals and animals can talk right back to them.  Dr. Dolittle – Million Dollar Mutts – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come scrambling into your living room and bring a whole high-definition world of animals and talking right through your television screen.  Bring home this movie today!

Maya Dolittle and her dog, Lucky, have moved to Hollywood in this all new sequel.  Maya has always dreamed of bring a veterinarian, but stumbles into a job hosting a talk show with animals.  But is this worth postponing her dream for?  Maya thinks so, but Lucky isn’t so sure.  Then things start to fall apart and it get’s real strange.  This movie stars Kyla Pratt, Tegan Moss, Judge Reinhold and a whole bunch of cute dogs.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a whole bunch of high-definition action, a look inside of Tiffany’s cell phone, a featurette about show business, a look at some stylish dog places and a DVD of the entire movie as well.

If mathematics serves me correctly, this is the fourth modern movie based on the exploits of Dr. Dolittle and his family who can understand animals.  The first one was very funny, that much is true.  Yet, as sequels so painfully do, they become much worse after that until we are where we are now.  The messages behind the story are very good ones, ones about being yourself and not giving up on your dreams.  This movie also talks about how superficial wealth is, although the girls this movie is aimed towards will most likely just want to have all the cool stuff instead of listening to how it’s bad.  All of this aside, it’s not an awful movie if your little girls need something to watch.

There’s little to attract you to this movie.

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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