I caught one episode of this show when it was originally broadcast.  It was during spin class, so I wasn’t paying that much attention, but the show still certainly made an impression on me.  Enough so that I was very excited when I learned that this show was being renewed for another season.  Joss Whedon occasionally has some bad luck with shows being cancelled early, so it’s great that this show will continue on.  Plus it has Eliza Dushku in it and she’s got to be one of the most attractive women on television right now.  So now’s your chance to catch this great new show on DVD today!

Starting this July 28th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the first season of the new show from one of the most innovative and exciting minds in television.  Dollhouse – Season One is ready to leap from the mind of Joss Whedon and land right in the middle of your living room, leaving a wide swath of social commentary and deep issues, along with some great action and fantastic plots.  Bring home this wonderful first season today!

In many of the major cities of the world, there is a hidden place known as the Dollhouse.  They have many Actives, many Dolls, people who have agreed to a term of service within the Dollhouse.  Their memory is wiped and they become blank slates to write whatever is needed upon them – a lover, a friend, a fighter, a killer.  The Dolls can become all of these things and then have it wiped from them after the job is done.  There’s just one problem – it’s illegal and there is an FBI agent risking everything to find them and bring them down.  Also, Alpha, the most powerful Doll of all time has escaped and is doing all he can to kill the whole Dollhouse.  This series stars Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman and Olivia Williams and is written by Joss Whedon.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are optional audio commentaries on several episodes, the original unaired pilot, a never before seen episode of the show, deleted scenes, a look at casting the part of Echo, a look at making this show, a look behind the scenes with Joss Whedon and a look at the work that went into designing the Dollhouse.

This show is highly fantastic.  I was excited when I heard that Joss Whedon was coming back to television and bringing Eliza Dushku with him.  I have loved everything that Joss Whedon has ever done and was really looking forward to this show.  The first couple of episodes were a little weak, but they grew greatly stronger and much better as the season went on.  This show examines a great deal of important issues and Whedon is really working hard to set up a pervasive mythology which will continue on and lend strength to coming season.  Helo from Battlestar Galactica is the FBI agent trying to bring them down and he’s fantastic.  Every character in this show is great and this series deserves to stay on television and be watched and adored.  Bring home this great show on DVD today!

You’ll visit this Dollhouse again and again.

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

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