Music makes everything fun.  Put on a song when you’re feeling miserable and out of place and all of a sudden you’re at a club, drinking soda in the corner – at least that’s been my experience.  Cleaning your room?  Just listen to some great indie rock and dream about how you want to move to New York, even though you know your life would be far worse there than it already is.  Now there’s a great kids show that takes awesome music and mixes it with a education and entertaining premise and it’s ready for you to bring home right now.

Starting this May 5th, now available on DVD from Playhouse Disney and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the next great musical adventure designed just for those little kids in your life.  Disney Imagination Movers – Warehouse Mouse Edition is ready to shake right out of your television screen and move a whole load of rhythm and fun into your living room.  Bring home this excellent and educational collection of episodes today!

Take a great band made up of four guys called the Imagination Movers.  Then put them in great big place called the Idea Warehouse, where they will hang out with their neighbor Nina and the crafty and wise Warehouse Mouse.  What do you get?  A whole lot of music, fun and a great gently educational experience.  You and your children, but mainly your children, will learn all about using problem solving skills, body language and brainstorming to take care of issues they run into.  The episodes included in this DVD are “Bucket Trouble,” “Tooth Hurts,” “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Mouse” and “Finders Key-pers.”

The special features included in this consist wholly of an exclusive early release of an episode for the upcoming Playhouse Disney series Special Agent Oso.  Based on this early episode, the whole series looks like it’s going to be a barrel of fantastic.

This show is very catchy and a whole lot of fun.  The songs are light and great and the lessons they teach are very important ones.  There are lots of bright colors and cool things in the Idea Warehouse and some of the Idea Emergencies they deal with are just wonderful.  This is a delightful series that is made to start putting the foundation on a great many important issues into the minds of the young children watching it.  Your kids will love this show, I guarantee it.

Move your way towards getting this DVD – you won’t regret it!

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