Here is the number one clue that this DVD is going to be incredible – major funding for it was provided by none other than the National Science Foundation.  This project is also connected to the American Museum of Natural History.  Both of those groups are very great and have managed to be attached to some very informative and seriously entertaining projects.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Take that hypothesis and check it out for yourself when you bring it home on DVD today!

Starting this October 6th, now available on DVD from Image Entertainment comes a fantastic real-life adventure that shows us what dinosaurs were like, what might have happened to them and how we are trying to discover their remains and figure out more about them.  Dinosaurs Alive! is ready to come sprinting out of your television screen and show you one of the most fascinating collections of information about those great giant reptiles that aren’t around any more.  Bring home this great DVD today!

The voice of Michael Douglas leads the way through this DVD as we get the chance to tag along with some of the world’s best paleontologists as they show us the mysteries of the dinosaurs that came before us.  This film was originally shown in IMAX theaters, so it brings with it all of the grandeur and scope of vision that such a thing conveys.  Humans have so very many questions about dinosaurs and the way things were back then and this DVD just might help answer some of those questions.  We look across the Gobi Desert and view some of the fossils found there.  Best of all, we get the chance to travel to the sandstone buttes of New Mexico and take a look at what just might be the oldest dinosaur fossil ever unearthed in North America.

The special features included in this DVD are a full-length featurette about the making of this film, an educational series where you get to meet the creatures in this show, a great dinosaur quiz and Spanish and French language tracks for the film.

This is the first DVD I have ever gotten to watch that was originally created for IMAX theaters.  I greatly enjoy the IMAX experience and was afraid that this would not translate well at all.  In fact, it retains all of the splendor of the original presentation and is something that anyone interested in dinosaurs should certainly own.  This is a truly incredible movie and it is highly informative.  All of the CGI animation is wonderful and really takes this whole educational experience to the next level.  Bring it home today and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Those reptiles comes Alive once more!

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