Dexter - The Complete Second Season

I once drove to a casino in Wisconsin with a kid who was crazy about serial killers.  We talked about Bundy, Dahmer, Gehne, Zodiac, Green River, Unabomber, Son of Sam.  Then I lost $20 on blackjack, but I think he lost $60.  That showed me the appeal of a sociopath, how they capture our imaginations and some of us are driven to obsess over them in a fruitless attempt at understanding.  I’ve never been into killers that much, but I can’t get enough of the second season of Showtime’s groundbreaking show about the most likeable serial killer around.

Starting this August 19th, now available on DVD from Showtime Entertainment, CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the next season of everyone’s favorite serial killer.  Dexter – The Second Season is ready to slash its way into your heart with psychotic precision and posses you with great intensity.  Bring home one of the most inventive and fascinating dramas in recent television history today!

The first season ended with Dexter killing the Ice Truck Killer and narrowly avoiding being found out as a killer.  In this season, we see Deb struggling with the fact that she was engaged to the Ice Truck Killer and Rita’s husband is in jail, with him increasingly pressuring Rita to finger Dexter for putting him in there.  He is killed and the stress drives Rita to leave Dexter, who then hooks up with his sponsor from the NA meetings he’s been going to as a cover.  Doakes is increasingly suspicious of Dexter and Dexter’s dumping grounds are found in the Bay Harbor, earning the mysterious killer the moniker of the Bay Harbor Butcher.  That’s when this season begins to actually get interesting.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are two episodes from the second season of Brotherhood, which is a terrible show.  It feels like Sopranos meets Mad Men, which sounds cool, but it’s the worst parts of each.  There is also a podcast from Michael C. Hall, an interview with Michael C. Hall, and the first two episodes of season two of The Tudors and season one of Californication.  That’s a lot of shameless self-promotion by Showtime.

I firmly believe that Dexter is the best show Showtime has.  It’s better than Weeds, it’s better than The Tudors, it’s even better than This American Life.  Every single character is perfect.  Dexter is complex and we can never quite understand him.  His sister is nearly as much of an emotional basket case, but she manifests it through constantly conquering men, not killing them.  Batista, who thankfully sheds that Oprah self-fulfillment after the first few episodes, is a great friend to Dexter, a bumbling fool with a heart of gold.  Vince Misuka is comic relief of the first rate and his sexual jokes are bested by none anywhere on television.  Doakes is a driven antagonist, but he understandably falls apart at the end.  Lila is gorgeous, but completely psychotic in a way we don’t understand until the final moments of the whole season.  Rita and her children are incredible, completely amazing and it pains you to see Dexter walking away from them.  The Ice-Truck Killer was nothing compared to the Bay Harbor Butcher and what madness takes place in the second season.  Showtime has outdone themselves in shining fashion.  This show is back, better than ever, and just as dark as we always wanted it to be.  It’s intense and wickedly fun.

Dexter is the must see show of this season.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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