The Complete Fourth Season

I live in the suburbs right now.  The part I live in is more of the poor part of town, older small houses, ugly condos and lots of new immigrants in the apartment buildings.  It’s not the suburbs you see on television.  When I go biking on the trail two blocks from my apartment, if I go south for a couple of miles, I’m smack dab in the middle of the rich part of town.  All of the lawn signs are for Republicans and there’s even a gated community I have to bike around, never through.  Now there’s a new chance for you to take a look inside the life of the suburbs of the rich.

Starting this September 2nd, now available on DVD from ABC Studios and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the fourth season of everyone’s favorite show about the quiet desperation of the suburbs.  Desperate Housewives – The Complete Fourth Season – Sizzling Secrets Edition is ready to blow into your living room and bring with a whole world of deceit and steamy romances.  Bring home this fantastic television show today!

As is always the case in this show, so much crazy stuff happens it’s hard to believe it was all stuffed into just 17 episodes.  It’s tough to know where to begin.  Susan and Mike got married last season and we learn that Susan is pregnant.  Bree and Orson pretend to be pregnant so they can raise their daughter’s illegitimate child.  A gay couple moves into the street and installs a noisy fountain.  Carlos starts an affair with Gabi who was recently married.  Lynette has cancer.  And that’s just what we learn in the first two episodes!

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a featurette which explores how each episode is made, from the idea in a writer’s mind to the final product on your television screen, a look into the personalities of the couples of Wisteria Lane, a selection of deleted scenes which never made the final cut and a hilarious reel of bloopers.

I watched the first season of this show back when I was in college and I absolutely loved it.  A friend of mine commented recently that she had stopped watching the show because it got too trashy after the first season, but it’s always been gloriously trashy and it’s something to revel in.  I wish all the middle aged mothers in my neighborhood looked like the women in this show.  Hands down, Bree is the best looking of them all.  The plots are far-fetched, the people are stunning caricatures of real life and so much of the conflict is contrived.  Nonetheless, it is a very enjoyable show and I recommend it if you want a goof way to escape your own life.

It’s time to get Desperate again.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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