I lost track of this show for a couple of years, but I watched the first season of this show religiously.  One of the most fundamentalist kids I knew and I used to watch every single episode, which was very surprising for me.  I loved this show because it was about drama and crazy storylines and there were hot chicks.  What’s not to love?  That show was the gateway drug for me to go on to love and enjoy many shows on the CW and the WB.  Now you can bring the fifth season home on DVD today!

Starting this September 1st, now available on DVD from ABC Studios comes the exciting fifth season of the adventures of those lucky enough to live on Wisteria Lane.  Desperate Housewives – The Complete Fifth Season – The Red Hot Edition is ready to come scrambling out of your television screen and fill your living room with tales of deception and intrigue and all those other delightfully wicked things.  Bring home this great fifth season today!

This season opens with us having jumped five years into the future on Wisteria Lane.  Edie has a new husband, but what secrets are he hiding?  Susan is dealing with being a single mother, but is there a new man coming in her life?  Bree’s career is going great, but her marriage is nowhere near okay.  Gabby and Carlos have issues with their daughters once Carlos starts to get his sight back.  So much more in happening and some of the most extreme and even downright shocking things you could imagine take place in this season.  This is the most exciting and scandalous season of this show yet to date and it’s totally worth bringing home.

The special features included in this DVD are a selection of audio commentaries, a look at Teri Hatcher in this series, a featurette about the favorite scenes of Marc Cherry, a look back at all 100 episodes of this show, a featurette about taking a show from a script to a great episode, a selection of deleted scenes and a look at some hilarious bloopers.

I love every single person in this show with the exception of Nicollette Sheridan.  All of the women other than her are beautiful and fantastic in their roles.  Lynette is my favorite character out of all of them because she is the most normal and the least neurotic.  But since Bree has red hair, and I do too, I really like her a great deal.  The addition of Neal McDonough was wonderful because I have always loved him and I think he does a great job on this show as well.  This season was extreme and still managed to surprise me even after four other suspense-ridden seasons.  For that reason, you owe it to yourself to bring this season home.

No need to be Desperate, it’s on DVD for you right now.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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