I’m not above liking a good fantasy story every now and again.  I would rather deal with space or the future or a dystopia, but some fantasy stories are magnificent – no doubt about it.  One certainly thinks about J.R.R. Tolkien, but there have been others as well.  In short, there’s nothing intrinsically bad about fantasy stories, the problem is just that most fantasy stories end up being really bad and uninspiring.  Now a story that just might fall into that category is available for you on DVD right now!

Starting this August 4th, now available on DVD from MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the highly original and visually inventive story of an imaginary land and the people within it.  Delgo is ready to come screeching out of your television screen and transport your entire living room into an imaginary world of treachery and hope.  Bring home this new movie today!

There is a land that is far different from ours.  It is known as the land of Jhamora and is home to two different species, the flying Nohrin and the land bound and mystical Lockni.  There was peace between them for a long time, but then there was war and an excelled princess.  Now that princess has built up an army and is scheming to take over this land which is peaceful yet still deeply divided.  She kidnaps another princess and blames the other side, leaving only a young Lockni named Delgo to try and save the day.  This movie stars the vocal talents of Eric Idle, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Val Kilmer, Chris Kattan, Kelly Ripa, Anne Bancroft in her final film appearance, Lou Gossett Jr. and Burt Reynolds

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary with the directors, a look behind the scenes of the film, an actual look at what the characters look like, an introduction to each character, a featurette about the sound work done for this movie, a selection of deleted scenes and Chroma Chameleon, the short film which inspired the creation of this movie.

This movie wasn’t that bad.  The animation was very good and it’s worth nearly anything to hear the voice of Eric Idle again, even if he was given such a small part we should be embarrassed that an alum of Monty Python doesn’t garner more respect than that.  The voice talents of the actors didn’t get in the way of the characters – it wasn’t obvious that it was Val Kilmer and J. Love running and flying through the forest.  The voices didn’t overshadow or obscure anything, something which can certainly become a problem.  This film avoided that dilemma.  Yet the story was not very original and some of the more interesting back stories were left out – give me more about the floating rocks and the culture of the Nohrin.  Yet it was not a waste of my time to watch this movie, even I did feel I was perpetually waiting for something to finally happen.

will help to pass the time.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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