There’s something about a David and Goliath fight that resonates with everyone.  Deep down, most of us feel that we are the David in some of the stories in our lives.  So when an underdog takes up arms against an oppressive power, we take note and it perks up our spirits.  It is a quintessentially American story, considering it’s the tale of our independence.  Of course, nowadays, we play more of the British role these days.  But there are some great stories out there that elevate the small groups and some of them are true and one of them is ready to bring home in a whole new format!

Starting this June 2nd, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Grosvenor Parks Productions and Paramount Vantage comes the fantastic and true story of three brothers who dared to stand up and fight against the Nazis when all hope was lost.  Defiance – Blu-ray Disc is ready to blast out of your television screen in high definition and strafe its way right into your heart.  Bring home this moving and extremely powerful story of love and family today!

This true story takes place in Eastern Europe as the Nazis are sweeping through their new territories.  They are seeking out the Jews and killing them.  Some of the Jews they kill are from the Bielski family, but their four sons do.  Now they are living in the forest and they decide to strike back against the Nazis.  After a couple quick raids, there are Jews fleeing and joining up with the four brothers.  They decide to band together, save all of their people that they can and starting up a new society in the forest.  All of it moves towards a quick paced and very emotional conclusion.  This movie stars Daniel Craig, Liev Shreiber, Jamie Bell and George MacKay and is directed by Edward Zwick.

The special features for this Blu-ray Disc include an optional audio commentary from director Edward Zwick, a look at the making of this film, a featurette about families from that time, a look at how this movie was scored, a talk with actual survivors from these fights and so much more.

I was surprised when I learned that this was a true story.  It seems as though there are so many heroic Jew stories, and there is certainly nothing with them, but this one was actually true.  It’s a great story and a very sad one.  Any movie that has Daniel Craig in it is certainly well worth watching, something I have believed since the first time I watched Layer Cake.  Since it is historical, this movie does aspire for at least a patina of respectability, but it feels like little more than any other action film.  Things explode, cliché lines are tossed about, some people die but not all of them.  It’s a little too fast paced, almost like the director is afraid if we look too closely, everything will fall apart.  All that aside, it’s worth watching at least once, because even the simplistic explosions are fantastic in high definition.

Grab hold of this stunning tale of Defiance today!

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