Life After Death

My brother and I used to watch this show once it went into syndication.  Whenever we were both around and we could find this show on the Sci-Fi channel, that’s what we would be doing.  The show was clever and funny and used obscure ways to deal with serious issues in important ways.  In short, it was the standard show you find on Showtime.  I was sad when I discovered the show had ended.  Nonetheless, now there’s a chance to see a new adventure from that show.

Starting this February 17th, now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the continuation of the story of a whole group of grim reapers and their quest to find a regular life.  Dead Like Me – Life After Death is ready to slouch out of your television screen and bring you back to life with this hilarious and touching film.  Bring home this fantastic continuation of a wonderful television show.

This movie takes place two years after the show has stopped tracking this group of undead reapers.  They have a new boss now, Cameron Kane, a slick new reaper who sets up a whole different agenda for the group.  This new agenda creates disorder within the group and chaos results.  Daisy and Mason end up falling in behind Cameron and his promises.  Georgia then proceeds to break the unbreakable rule by showing herself to her families.  This movie’s stars include Henry Ian Cusick, Sarah Wynter, Callum Blue and Ellen Muth.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Steven Herek and star Ellen Muth and a featurette about bringing this series back from the dead.  Not only that, but MGM has also decided to release the entire collection of episodes from that series at the same time.  So if you loved the series, now is your time to make something out of it.

This movie is a magnificent continuation of the television show.  It plays like a longer episode of the show which is exactly the feeling you want when you are trying something like this.  For instance, if someone were to make a movie based on Six Feet Under, I don’t want all sorts of crazy stuff to start happening or for Michael C. Hall to all of a sudden not be gay.  We want more of the same.  That’s why we fall in love with those shows to begin with.  And for those who fell in love with this delightful show, the time for that love to be felt again is here now.

Bring this great show to Life again whenever you want.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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