D.E.A. - Season One

I couldn’t imagine having a group of federal agents kick down my apartment door and swarm in.  I do have a pretty convoluted apartment entrance, so that part would be interesting to see, although I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem with it.  I just think it would incredible to have a flashbang go off and then have my living room swarming with burly men in black tactical uniforms, knocking stuff over and pointing guns at me with all sorts of yelling.  It would be fascinating.  Now there’s a chance to see what that might really be like and it’s ready on DVD.

Starting this February 10th, now available on DVD from Spike TV and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the two disc collection of looks inside the federal agency that keeps drugs off the street.  DEA – Detroit – Two Disc Set is ready to blast right out of your television screen and cuff your face right into the excitement of this series.  Bring home this fascinating and high-impact DVD today!

Take a trip into the world of the Drug Enforcement Agency with this new two disc collection.  On the mean streets of Detroit, we will see from the lowly dealers and street punks all the way up to the hardened criminals who run the large drug franchises.  The DEA is there every step of the way, working to flip the dealers to get them to roll on their supplies until they can collapse the whole drug chain.  Ride along with DEA Group 14 as they raid houses filled with drugs, pose as drug dealers and just generally disrupt things.  This now show from Spike TV is intense and wholly exciting.

The special features included in this two disc set consist solely of a full length episode of Real Vice Cops – Uncut.

Sometimes when there is nothing else on television, I would watch this show on Spike TV.  It’s like Cops, but it’s far more intense and nowhere near as lame.  In fact, this show is very interesting, although it can feel a little voyeuristic at times.  It’s neat to hear the strategies and it’s the undercover busts that are by far the most fantastic parts of the whole show.  The biggest thing you notice is that even when Group 14 brings in a major coup and dismantles huge sections of the drug trade, there are always people popping up to fill in the gaps.  Until the drug trade is legalized, this source of recreational drugs will continue to allow miscreants and gangs to grow rich while the government flounders.  It’s a great look at this little part of the federal life.

This Detroit city rocks!

This two disc set is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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